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Sail Happy


A stressful work life with high-pressure deadlines, overbearing leaders, and aggressive co-workers are a norm in today’s corporations. There is a constant power struggle – to excel, to exceed expectations, and to rise to the top of the corporate ladder, as high and as quickly as possible. This experience is a profoundly energy-draining one, to say the least. People are in a rush to accumulating skills, certificates, and accolades, one after the other. Armed with their management training and years of experience, many employees still falter when it comes to answering the most critical of questions: What motivates me? How do I do my job more efficiently? Can I stay away from the rat race and still be successful? How do I help others and at the same time not be filled with the fear of the other person racing ahead of me? How to become a good leader? And to top it all – why am I not satisfied despite having done my best and having enjoyed great rewards?

Even the managers are faced with new challenges and puzzles now and then. What motivates my team to do their best? How do I help them perform and live better? How do I create able leaders?

‘SAIL HAPPY’ – our customized module for corporates – digs deep in the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures to bring about alternative paradigms for better management practices. Common issues like communication gaps, stress management, and competition, play an essential role in determining the success or failure of any team. We approach and address these issues in an extremely simple and lucid manner.

Our SAIL HAPPY sessions help develop a positive and prudent outlook towards the work and work environment. They help build happier and productive workspaces. They facilitate the easy implementation of good management principles and innovative ideas. They make managers feel less intimidated by performance targets and deadlines and instill in them the conviction to engage in activities and decisions that seek to create a balance between short- and long-term goals. When managers realize the potential of their true self and that of their motivated team members, problems that once seemed impossible to solve now seem solvable.

SAIL HAPPY helps employees make rational decisions and leverage talents to accomplish success for themselves and their organization.

We conduct sessions addressing various topics such as:

Secrets of success

Managing stress simply

Overcoming temptations

Pursuit of Happiness

Art of Mind Control

Rising from Life’s challenges

Finding lost happiness

Handling anger and frustrations

Eating right, looking bright

Enhancing SQ

SAIL HAPPY designs immersive sessions for senior management basis the requirement of the organization.