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Yatashoshi Yadashnasi Yajuzhosi Dadiyat Yatak
Yatapasya Kuntey Tatkurusha Madarampam ।।B.G. 9.27।।

In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna explains, “Whatever you do, whatever you eat or donate

Give, and whatever you do, son of Kunti, do as a gift to me. ”

Eating is the basic necessity of life, perhaps one of the most fundamental things. Even modern science also certifies the fact that we are physically, emotionally and mentally affected by our diet. Yet there is another area for food beyond this basic understanding, which has forgotten the world: its genetic nature.

The Vedas give us a name for this highest perfection of food: Prasad or God’s grace. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu tells us about Prasad, “Everyone has first tasted these physical substances, but after offering to God, these ingredients have now taken extraordinary taste and unusual aroma.”

This unique taste of Prasad is rooted in its definition. Prasad is a meal which is offered to Lord Krishna, who accept our offer and by doing so, purifies food. Prasad himself is no different from Krishna and just by eating it, we can know Krishna. Prasad is considered to be full of vegetarianism, and eating prasad gets the highest position of spiritual realization.

Therefore, Prasad distribution is one of the most important activities and this fact resonates through the many prasada stalls within the temple. A large team of devotees is involved in cooking, which specially takes care of maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen premises. Food made in this sophisticated kitchen is offered to God and then thousands of daily visitors are made available in the form of Prasad.Everyday he uses a food lab with new recipes and ‘makes them in the Vaishnava style of the temple. Meals are prepared with approximately 1200 well-researched dishes. Temple dishes are unique, which brings many signature recipes to taste. Quality and hygiene are also extremely important for a highly dedicated team.Regular, as well as random quality checks, ensure that God is offered the best quality of food.

By demonstrating its sattvik baking skills for people through many offerings through stalls, the temple shows that anything in the vegetarian empire can be cooked and distributed like a variety of sweets, ras and cake offerings is. From most traditional food to modern dishes, offerings with different types of tastes and preferences are available to the visitors.