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‘Positive Transformation … to change the paradigm of life!’ – specially designed four session interactive workshop. The topics presented in the four-day workshop are:

  1. Curing the Cancer of Mind: The participants learn how to tame the mind to be our friend
  2. Can a scientist believe in God?  The participants get the scientific evidence for existence of God
  3. Know Your Goal: The participants learn how to set the right goals and effective means to reach them
  4. Power of Habits: The participants learn the secret formula to escape from bad habits

A short written quiz is conducted based on the above sessions in the workshop and prizes are awarded to the quiz winners. The participants are also awarded an ‘APPLIED SPIRITUALITY’ certificate on the completion of the course.

The workshop has been so effective and successful that the students have continued to practice the principles learnt in the workshop in the form of daily meditation and are also taking guidance from the FOLK Volunteers in this regard.

Program Snapshot

Name of Program Positive Transformation
Timings Every Saturday, 6:30 to 8:00 PM
No. of Sessions 4
Venue AkshayPatra Campus, Opposite Gyanvihar University, Jagatpura, Jaipur
Registration Fee Only 200/-
Validity of Pass 6 Months