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Pilgrimage Tours


Are you planning to make a pilgrimage and so looking out on some excellent arrangement for traveling, accommodation and guidance on visiting the places?

If so, get in touch with ISKCON Pilgrimages which provides a wonderful opportunity for you to visit various holy places in different parts of the country.

The pilgrimages are conducted by senior devotees of ISKCON Bangalore, who ensure that pilgrims get a memorable and devotionally inspiring experience through these tours.

In addition to good accommodation, transportation and prasadam, you also get to learn about the significance of holy places and the pastimes of the Lord and His devotees associated to those places.



To facilitate the visit of divine and holy places by devotees, aspiring pilgrims and people in general thereby helping them advance in their spiritual journey.

To provide an opportunity for people to experience the different flavors of devotional service and devotional practices in different parts of India and the whole world.

To get people to know, understand and experience the importance of Krishna consciousness in the matter of peace, happiness and joy in everyone’s lives.

To help people experience amplified joy and happiness by group traveling and sankirtan (doing devotional service in a group).

To make it possible for people to know and cherish the glories of the Supreme Lord, His devotees, His pastimes, thereby immersing themselves in the nectar of Krishna Consciousness which is indeed the central aspect of India’s culture and heritage.

To teach people the simple and practical techniques of spiritual Life for their own welfare.

To introduce the members of the society and humanity at large to a simpler and more natural purpose in Life by means suitable to the particular place and time, and as enjoined in the Bhagavad-Gita.



Places of pilgrimage yield a special advantage for a devotee in quickly advancing his spiritual Life. Lord Krishna lives everywhere, but still it is very easy to approach Him in holy places of pilgrimage because these places are inhabited by great sages. Visiting a sacred place of pilgrimage means neutralizing the reactions of sinful Life. The sacred places all over the earth are meant for purifying the polluted consciousness of the human being by an atmosphere surcharged with the presence of the Lord’s pure devotees.