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Introductory Sessions

Art of Mind Control

If not controlled, our mind is our worst enemy, and the same mind is our best friend if controlled, states Bhagavad Gita. Mind is the controller of senses and is supposed to be guided by intelligence always. Then what happens that we sometimes go completely go astray as if forcefully. We will understand the functioning of the mind, the need for mind control, ways to control the mind, and the mantra meditation proved by various Ph.D. research. Let us contribute more to society by being mindful people.



IQ primarily solves logical problems. EQ helps us to manage emotions appropriately. SQ enables us to ask and seek answers t fundamental questions. For example, say you are trying to climb a wall. You may want to consider the height of the ladder, the angle of inclinations, and so on the aspects that deal with how to get the job done constitute your IQ. EQ is required to manage your emotional state, like fear, impatience, etc., while you climb the ladder. You may use IQ and EQ and finally manage to climb the wall. What is, on reaching the top, you realize that with great difficulty, you have climbed the wrong wall! SQ – our ultimate intelligence, involves asking fundamental questions: “Which wall to climb?” or, ”Why do I want to climb the wall?”