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Heritage Fest Result

Heritage Fest Results 2019


Hearty Congratulations to all the Winners and we thank all the participants of Heritage Fest – 2019!

 We are pleased to announce that Heritage Fest, our annual inter-school cultural competition, is culminating with a Grand Prize Distribution Ceremony alongside the special festival celebrations at The Akshaya Patra Campus. This time total 5,000 Students Participated in Fest out these Approx. 300 Winners will be given prizes.



PROGRAM Details:  

Venue: Sudharma Hall, Akshaya Patra Campus.

Date: 15th September

Time: 3:30 PM


This is the complete result announcement.

The results announced in the website are based on the decision of judges which are FINAL and binding.

Any request for correction in Name, Class, School or any other details of your child, for the results announced can be communicated by email to krishnakids.jaipur@hkm-group.org  on or before Sat, 31st Aug, 2019 latest by 5:00PM.

Heritage Fest Prize Distribution ceremony, will be held on Sunday,15th Sep, 2019, at  Akshaya Patra Campus , Jagatpura Jaipur. 1st, 2nd 3rd Prize Winners are invited to receive prize during The Prize Distribution Ceremony.

All are welcome to join us in this enthralling and engaging celebration!


1. Heritage Fest 2019 Introduction
2. Cultural Performances by Heritage Fest Prize Winners
3. Chief Guest Address
4. Prize Distribution Ceremony


1. Bhajans Result 5-7

2. Bhajans Result 8-10

3. Dance & Drama Result 1-10

4. Gita Sloka Chanting Result 1-2

5. Gita Sloka Chanting Result 3-4

6. Gita Sloka Chanting Result 5-7

7. Gita Sloka Chanting Result 8-10

8. Puranic Costume Result 2-4

9. Puranic Costume Result 5-7

10. Puranic Costume Result lkg-ukg &1st

11. Rangoli Result 5-10

12. Story Telling Result 5-7

13. Story Telling Result 8-10


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