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The cows are an integral part of the temples and their upkeep is one of the prime activities. In India, most of the Vaishnava temples have their own Goshala. The unadulterated milk supplied by these cows is used for the worship of the Lord.

rinodakadi samyuktam yah pradadyat gavahnikam
so asvamedha samam punyam labhate natra samsayah

In Brihat Parashara Smriti (5.26-27) it is said that one who feeds the cow with grass and water every day derives the benefit equivalent to performing Ashwamedha Yajna. Those interested in contributing towards the feeding of cows CLICK HERE.

The Hare Krishna Movement, Jaipur maintains a Shri Balram Goshala in its premises & another in Chaksu, Jaipur district. All cows are of Indian breed & looked after with all required facilities. You can make a contribution for this noble cause. Apart from above mentioned Goshalas HKM also maintains The Hingonia Cow Rehabilitation Centre in Jaipur few kilometers away from temple.



  • A society established in the year 2001 for the purpose of preserving, protecting and serving Indian cow breeds.
  • The Goshala is situated 55 KM from Akshaya Patra premises.
  • Hare Krishna Movement, Jaipur is looking after the maintenance and upkeep of the Goshala from May-2015.
  • The managing committee consists of members from Hare Krishna Movement and external members.
  • The management, Finance, etc. is managed by Hare Krishna Movement, Jaipur.
  • Presently there are about 8 employees working in Goshala.
  • We are receiving pure cow milk everyday from the Goshala for the service of Krishna Balaram and devotees.

Details of cows


S. No Particular Nos
1 Cows 130
2 Male calves 17
3 Female Calves(Heifer) 21
4 Bull 5



A goshala enunciated by the Government of Rajasthan to provide shelter to stray and redundant herd roaming in the cities. The cowshed has been providing shelter to over 8000 cows who are taken care of by a team of 24 veterinarians and 24 livestock assistants.

Bad planning turned the place into a quicksand of sorts. The cows died after being trapped for days on end without food and water.

Bajrang Singh, Additional Superintendent of Police, Anti-corruption Bureau told Hindustan Times

hence the government decided to hand over the management to private sector units, though various private corporations tried their hands on goshala they found it unprofitable and very difficult to recover, but when information reached devotees at Hare Krishna Movement Jaipur the devotees being naturally compassionate took up the herculean task of managing the Goshala backed by astounding Vedic understanding that cows must be given shelter.

On request. the Justice handed over the management of the goshala to Akshay Patra Foundation a social service wing of Hare Krishna Movement on lease for 19 years and an MOU has been signed between Govt. and HKM Jaipur