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Gita Contest Rules and Regulations

(Details with Rules and Regulations)
1. Total 100 Questions (Exam duration 120 minutes)-
(A) 80 questions (Section A & B ) will be Objective and 20 Questions(Section C) will be subjective.
25% marks deduction on wrong answer in Section B only No deduction for unanswered questions.
(B) ( In Sec A )20 questions from following verses of “Bhagavad Gita As It Is”
(These questions will have no negative marking)-
Chapter 1: Verse 1,14,15,21,28,36
Chapter 2:Verse 2,7,11 to 27,40,41,44,47,48,50,57,59,60,62,63
Chapter 3:Verse 6,9,12,21,27,30,37,42
Chapter 4:Verse 1,2,3,7,8,9,11,13,34
Chapter 5:Verse 18,22,29
Chapter 6:Verse 1,6,13-14,17,18,24,34,35,41,47

2. “Bhagavad Gita As It Is” (Hindi) will be provided free of cost at the time of registration.
3. Question paper will be in Hindi or English, (whichever medium of exam paper you opt at the
time of registration).
4. Contest dates: Sun 12 Jan 2020.10:00 AM
5. In Rajasthan (Jaipur,Jodhpur,Kota,Udaipur,Bikaner ): Exam will be conducted in selected
schools/Akshaya Patra Campus.
6. Participants will have to report half an hour before the exam.
7. Kindly Bring “Participant’s Copy”, also bring your photo ID, for validity of contestant. Participants who have filled form Online need to bring print out of response email.
8. Participants will have to present “Participant’s Copy” at the time of Exam and Prize and
Certificates Distribution Ceremony.
9. In all cases and for all decisions, the decision of the
organizers shall be final and shall be abiding to all the participants.
11. At the time of exam participants will have to bring “Participant’s Copy”, a BLACK or
BLUE BALL PEN & WRITING BOARD for the contest.
12. Certificate to each participant.
For any further details please contact:
Charan 7728885329,S S Das 9799942832 gitacontest19@gmail.com