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FOLK Hostels are for persons who want to make their life meaningful and are interested in higher taste and good values. Here, you can stay with like-minded people in a congenial environment.You can develop emotional balance and hence concentrate better on studies &work.

Based on the teachings of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Hare Krishna Movement Jaipur has been presenting the treasure house of spiritual knowledge to youth through ‘Friends Of Lord Krishna’ (FOLK) since the year 2002. What began as a small endeavor has now transformed itself into an enormous activity with hundreds of youngsters making their way to FOLK residencies where they can learn timeless vedic wisdom and apply it to their lives.

Live a healthy lifestyle in a no-smoke, no-drink environment. You can have access to spiritual practices, which reduce the anxiety and thereby you can channelize energies more effectively.

Nobody comes with a sealed guarantee that we might live up to a particular age. What is done in life earlier, especially if misguided, becomes impossible to be undone later in life.  Just as the ship cannot suddenly change course, one’s life too needs a lot of time and energy to change course. The FOLK residencies has provided youngsters an opportunity to transform their lives. Any FOLK participant will be able to assess the value of staying among devotees of Lord Krishna and understand how priceless they are. In the words of one participant, “This is an experience of a lifetime.”Living here will help you to imbibe good values and will transform you into a good person.

You can live close to your college / office. The rooms are spacious and clean where you can get your ‘own space’ and safety. You can enjoy cost-effective, hygienic, nutritious and sattvic vegetarian food. Regular maintenance, facilities, bills, etc. are managed by professionals. Multiple hostels in various locations in Jaipur will give you the luxury of changing your hostel by just filling a form.


FOLK Students also gather every Saturday for a grand gathering of an enjoyable evening of spiritual classes, music, dance and not to forget prasadam—delicious food offered to Lord Krishna. A typical program on Saturday consists of teaching how to apply Vedic wisdom to current world realities. Solutions are provided to difficult problems that youth encounter in their daily lives, such as how to manage stress, how to improve memory and concentration, how to get rid of bad habits, how to excel in life, etc.

The FOLK inmates have highly experienced faculties who have dedicated their lives as missionaries for over 15 years as their guides. The youngsters are also provided opportunities to showcase their talents and skills for the pleasure of the Lord. The youngsters are also taken through personality enrichment courses to explore their deeper selves and encourage them to become more reflective and introspective—a real need in today’s chaotic times.

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