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A Unique Culture Camp for Kids


Culture camp 2021 is an online summer camp with a Cultural fabric organized for children between the ages of 4 and 14.

Culture Camp offers a spiritual dimension in the thoughts and actions of our children. It becomes essential to go back to our Vedic roots in today’s time and seed the sublime values and life lessons from our scriptures into the young and growing minds.

In culture camp, we strive hard to give proper guidance and means to achieve success in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. We offer active training in life skills, spiritual awareness, and social art.

For the spiritual benefit of the children, the camp includes Indian philosophy sessions and informative discussions on the teachings of great sages of Indian history. We encourage the children to practice good habits like waking up early, deity worship, eating healthy food, meditation, staying clean, respecting elders, sleeping on time, sharing with others, playing outdoors, and most importantly, mind control.

Qualified and experienced professionals across streams guide the children through the modules they’ve chosen for the camp. Culture Camp is designed to help children become responsible, refined, spiritual, and civilized members of society.

We end the camp with Talents Day celebrations wherein children can showcase their various talents.